A  rapid Growth & Development in Accounting Standards, Regulations & Industry Practices, Professionals need continuous updates and upgrades within themselves in order to keep abreast of all the changes and updated Techniques and Technologies in Accounting and Financial Management along with improvement in the quality of Financial Reporting by Recording, Reporting & Disclosing regular and unusual business transactions. 
Growing Income or receiving loads of funds don’t only strengthen organization’s credibility but standard and up to date Accounting & Financial Reporting system of an Organizations enhances Organization’s power, system & Rapport.

Training/ Workshop On International Financial Accounting & Reporting (IFAR) in Association with Professional Management Training PMT prepares participants with Solid and Practical Experience on the IFAR Standards & Latest Updates along with 21st century cutting edge Financial Accounting & Standard Of Reporting Tools, Techniques & Technologies …


Upon the Successful Completion of the Program, Professionals will be able to:

  • Recognize important Financial Accounting topics & how to Report them on Financial Statements
  • Explain the most recent updates on existing International Standards and evaluate the effect of newly issued standard on their organization
  • Determine the correct presentation and minimum disclosure for components of statements of financial position, statements of comprehensive income, statements of owners’ equity, and statements of cash flows in accordance with International Standards
  • Appraise and properly account for transactions affecting current assets and liabilities, non current assets and liabilities, and revenues and expenses in accordance with International Standards.
  • Use professional judgment in applying International Standards for matters relating to non recurrent business transaction
  • Properly Account for Assets, Liabilities, Equity, Revenues & Expenses
  • Prepare Financial Statements with the required notes & disclosures in periodic Financial Reports
  • Recognize the need for transparency in Reporting of Financial Statements & Management Reports
  • Determine the Structure, Presentation & Disclosure of Financial Statements & Annual Reports
  • Report & Interpret Income statement & Balance sheet accounts….And Many More.!!

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