Advanced Selling Skills

This program is designed for those who wants to increase their selling skill. . This Advanced Selling Skills course covers a number of additional key topics, including effective prospecting, presenting to potential clients, sales forecasting, account management, customer relationship management, etc.


  • To examine the selling cycle and the buying cycle
  • To understand how to develop stronger relationships with customers
  • To learn how to maintain motivation and momentum when the going gets tough
  • To understand the importance of sales forecasting


Managing A Successful Sales Team

The sales manager has a vital role to play in an organization. They must enable sales teams to achieve, or exceed their sales targets, which directly relate to the growth of the ‘bottom line’ for their company. To be able to achieve consistent results means sales managers must create encouraging environment for Salespeople.


  • To appreciate the importance of consistency when managing a sales team
  • To develop the skills necessary to become a top class winning sales manager
  • To be able to create a productive environment for team performance
  • To know how to get the best out of your individual salespeople


Essentials of Marketing & Preparing An Effective Marketing Plan

It explains the difference between “Marketing” and “Selling” and highlights the skills required to be successful. The program provides enough ideas for developing creative and innovative marketing solution. Through this course participants will learn how to develop an effective marketing plan for their own products or services. Course activities will create a deeper appreciation of marketing strategy development, and implementation that participants can use in their own organizations.


  • To understand the importance of marketing in today’s competitive World
  • To understand the difference and relationship between Sales and Marketing
  • To understand and formulate the components of marketing plans
  • To know how to implement and measure the success of a marketing plan