Tender Management 

This course is the perfect way to learn how to deliver high quality bids and effectively manage them in accordance with the required tender specification. The course will cover entire bid cycle. Part of course involves delegates preparing bids relevant to their individual organization, they will do this by implementing the learning from the course.


  • To understand the basics of bidding
  • To recognize the bid cycle.
  • To learn how to determine the bid strategy
  • To understand how to qualify the opportunity
  • To sell the benefits in your proposal


 Financial Awareness for Non- Financial person

Employees can be even more productive, if they have a clear understanding of the financial and commercial considerations that impact their business. This course is designed to make delegates fell comfortable using financial terms and have a clear understanding of what they mean, and how they impact on the bottom- line of a business.


  • To understand and interpret a basic profit & loss statement.
  • To understand and interpret a basic Balance Sheet.
  • To feel comfortable using financial term
  • To understand different sources of business financing
  • To evaluate the importance of non- financial factors affecting investment decisions.

Fundamentals of Budgeting

This course introduces you to the basic knowledge necessary for proper budgeting and then builds on that knowledge. Successful budgeting skills are key for those who want to succeed in business, since budgets are related to a company’s strategic objectives and help decide the overall direction of the company.


  • To learn the steps to creating budget
  • To learn how to budget for payroll
  • To understand how capital budgeting is different to other budgeting.
  • To understand how to set up a cash budget
  • To learn about budgeting for projects