Effective Business Report Writing

This course provides a clear understanding of how to plan and structure a report in a professional manner. It will give you a systematic and easy to understand approach to report writing, and also help you choose the most effective layout and presentation style. It is important for all employees who are responsible for preparing business and technical reports as part of their job.


  • To enhance writing skills
  • To develop positive writing style
  • To understand how to present information attractively, professionally and effectively
  • To maintain clarity in preparing reports


Taking Minutes of Meeting

This program is perfect way to learn the skills of how to write clear and accurate minutes. They identify the responsibilities of each person for future action and the required timescale. It provides ability to present well-drafted minutes, that are a concise and accurate record of decisions taken.  At the end, delegates will have a clear idea of what good Minutes are, and how they can help effective communication in the workplace.


  • To write clear and accurate minutes
  • To develop fast note taking skill
  • To learn the importance of using proper agendas
  • To learn the techniques of “ Action Minutes”