MTN(Management Training Nepal), Supported, Run & Maintained by the renowned Trainers & Facilitators from Various Leading WORLD CLASS Training Centres and Educational Institutions around the World. with the Slogan of “ You will GET….. what you EXPECT”. For A Decade we are focused on giving people in Business/Organization and Social Sectors, the opportunity to sharpen their skills and improve their performance in order to bring positive and profitable result within the Organizations and Companies.

MTN is on the Tip of the Tongue Training Providing company amongst 50 over Countries,specializing in Corporate/Business/Government/Projects/Public/NGOs/INGOs training markets. We run approximately 500 high quality public seminars per year in areas such as; management and leadership, oil and gas, finance and accounting, HR, IT, project management, contract management plus many more. Please see our full schedule of Training Seminars for further details.
In addition to this, we also provide in-company training which can be tailored to your company specific needs. We successfully run in excess of 400 in-company training seminars per year all over the world. MTN ,has been trading for over a Decade and in that time have built successful, strategic relationships with our customers & Growth Partners. Over 94% of our business is from repeat customers. We like to believe this is due to our superior service, our fantastic consultants and the general experience delegates receive from our training for their career enhancement.
5 Stars Services MTN is a service provider and as such, our service is the cornerstone of the business. If the service fails, so does the company, that is the importance we place upon it. Our customer service strategy is evaluated constantly throughout the year to measure our performance along with the associated performances of venues and instructors. All public courses at MTN can be designed and delivered exclusively for a client organization, or alternatively we can create Customized Training solutions for clients wanting a comprehensive, bespoke training programme.
And So, We Proudly Shout: you will GET…….what you EXPECT!!