By proper Accounting & Management of Finance of your organization’s Fund, Budget, Income, & Expense., you can improve the quality of Financial Reporting by Recording, Reporting & Disclosing accurately Regular & Unusual Organizational Transactions. Growing Program Budget or, generating loads of Fund & Up-To-Date Accounting & Financial System rather enhances Organizations’ Power , System & Rapport. 

Finance professionals in development organization face challenges such as complex funding structure, stringent donor compliance requirements, managing diverse financial resources, navigating complex regulation ,and ensuring transparency and accountability in financial operation. So deal with this challenges, finance professionals, in development organizations must possess strong financial management skills, including expertise in budgeting, grant management, and financial reporting. They need to stay updated on regulatory changes and donor guidelines to ensure compliances. Effective communication and collaboration with program manager and other stakeholders are crucial for aligning financial strategies with program objectives. Embracing technology and automation can streamline financial processes and enhance efficiency. Building a robust internal control framework and implementing risk management strategies are essential for safeguarding assets and minimizing financial risks. By proactively addressing these difficulties, finance professionals can contribute to the financial sustainability and success of development organizations.



Training/Workshop On Advanced Accounting & Financial Management For Development Organization In Association with Professional Management Training -PMT will discuss & Impart Cutting – Edge Advanced Accounting & Financial Terms, Techniques along with comprehensive knowledge and practical tools that will excels the management of diverse financial operation. By attending AFM, Finance professional will gain the expertise needed to make informed financial decision, analyze statement, measure performance, and communicate effectively with stakeholders.


Upon the Successful Completion of the program, professional will able to: 

  • Determine the best & most advanced Financial Statement Structure & Presentation Practice
  • Recognize important Periodical Adjustments & their effect on Finance Statement 
  • Develop cognizance of the important of accounting in Organization Financial Statements 
  • Demonstrate the applicability of the concept of Accounting to understand the Managerial Decision & Financial Statements
  • Financial Planning & Variance Management 
  • Risk Identification & Its mitigation & Implementing Internal Control System 
  • Assess strength & weakness of Financial Management System in Organization 
  • Locate Fraud & Fight Against 
  • Identify Minimum disclosure requirements in the Financial Statement of Major Transaction 
  • Analyze the complexities associated with the management of Cost Product & Services in the Organization
  • Analyze Specific Characteristics of Logistic Management Accounting & their future action for Expenses & Income 
  • Prepare Financial Statements starting From RAW trial balance 
  • Generate and compile High Quality Technical Reports 
  • Stay updated on emerging trends and issues in non- profit accounting and financial reporting 
  • Adapt to change in reporting standards and frameworks applicable to non-profit organization
  • Demonstrate proficiency in financial analysis and decision making the non- profit sector 
  • Effectively communicate financial information and impact assessments to stakeholders
  • Apply ethical standards and promote transparency in financial operations within the non-profit sector & Many more !!



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